Filing claims

True and exact stamp certification on promissory note copies

To streamline processing, ECMC will no longer require a signature along with the true and exact stamp on a promissory note copy. Effective immediately, ECMC requires only the true exact stamp on promissory notes submitted in claim packages.

This change applies to the ECMC portfolio and the College Assist portfolio, for which ECMC is the third-party guarantor servicer.

If you have questions, please contact Tracy Roberts at

New Proof of Claim form

The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts recently announced a new Proof of Claim form, Official Form 410, which replaces Official Form 10. This new form must be used for any Proof of Claim filed on or after December 1, 2015. When filing the Proof of Claim on behalf of the guarantor, please remember to use this new form. For the new form, click here.

Please share this information internally with the appropriate staff.

If you have questions regarding Proof of Claim filing, please contact 888-363-4562 or

Claim documentation and questions

Send all manual claims, electronic claim documentation, and any claim-related documents for the 706 and the 951 guarantor codes to:

Attn: Claims Unit
10370 Peter A McCuen Blvd
Mather, CA 95655

Claim-related questions should be directed to our California Claims Unit.

Electronic claims are to be sent via CAM file submissions.

For the claim payment process—two claim payment reports (one for each guarantor code) will be generated and payment made via check or ACH. These reports can be retrieved via ECMC's Online Reports.

Lenders and servicers must retrieve the Manual Claims Return Report via ECMC's Online Reports. This report is available weekly on Thursday morning. The date on the individual Manual Claims Return Letters included with the report (which is the Thursday date) will be your official notification date of the claim return.

To access ECMC's Online Reporting Tool (OLR) Contact Melissa Blahna at or 651-325-3241.

Print claim reimbursement forms

Use the appropriate form below to request claim reimbursement for any FFELP loan guaranteed by ECMC.

Claim Form (Common)
Supplemental Claim Form (Common)
Reimbursement and Indemnity Agreement