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Welcome to the Alternative Loan page for Ferrum College.

Alternative Loans are offered by private lending institutions and are not guaranteed by the federal government. These funds are available to credit and non-credit students who may not be eligible for federal financial aid or who may need to bridge the gap between the actual cost of education and their federal financial aid. The lender will interpret credit history and other determining factors to see if the student is eligible. This list describes alternative educational loans, offered by private lending institutions.

Student borrowers are encouraged to research lenders by visiting their websites and contacting the lending agency for more information regarding their products and services. Students are not required to use any of the alternative lenders listed below. Ferrum College will process any alternative loan through any lender selected by the student.

When you have decided on a lender, click on the lender name to proceed to the next step. If your lender is not listed, please complete any necessary documents/promissory notes from your lender and mail them to the Financial Aid Office if necessary.

The information below is provided by the lender.  Ferrum College assumes no liability for inaccurate information or change in benefits.  Please contact the lender for more information regarding their products and services.