Engagement services

Resources to help drive student engagement throughout the student lifecycle.
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Our services supplement the efforts of schools and federal student loan servicers and include assistance:

For students:

  • Student loan counselors help students understand the short- and long-term impact of their repayment plan choices
  • Action-oriented email outreach campaigns based on the student's status
  • Grace period counseling
  • Multiple communication options for students to connect with our counselors—phone, web chat and email
  • Online tools, forms and calculators

For schools:

  • Communication and online tools to drive student engagement
  • Dedicated client relations team to onboard and integrate iGrad, a powerful financial literacy platform, into a school's student outreach process
  • Real-time and on-demand dashboard reporting to track student engagement and identify areas of interest and need
  • Training and consulting resources

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Financial literacy

Services and products to enhance students’ money management IQ. Read more >

We are pleased to provide financial literacy materials and outreach services to all schools nationwide at no cost.

For schools located in California, Connecticut, Oregon and Virginia, we also offer iGrad, an award-winning provider of online financial literacy. Through the iGrad platform we provide students with money management tools and school administrators with an online reporting dashboard to measure the effectiveness of the platform.

iGrad features include:

  • Financial literacy outcomes that help reduce the amount of student loan borrowing
  • Proven curriculum that promotes student proficiency in money management
  • Algorithms match relevant content with each individual user
  • Innovative instructional design to meet learning objectives
  • Administrative reporting console to track campaigns and student usage, as well as access to a suite of self-service, real-time reports
  • Website branded with the school's colors and logo
  • Live webinars and expert-moderated forums
  • Webinar customization based on the school's need—student facing or train-the-trainer
  • Modules and more: integrated multimedia and money-management tools
  • U.S. Department of Education compliant video-based entrance and exit counseling courses
  • Career search and development tools
  • Over 800 calculators, games, videos, articles and much more
  • Link to our student loan counselors integrated into every page of the website
  • Lifetime access for students and their families

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Default prevention

Helping prevent student loan default through a spectrum of services. Read more >

Focus your resources on students while we help manage the default prevention process for you—from data management to email and letter campaigns, as well as skip tracing and individual counseling.

Default prevention program

LoanTracker, our proprietary software, enables us to engineer our efforts to focus on borrowers most at risk of default.

  • Progressive waterfall skip tracing includes multi-vendor batch submission and intensive manual search for contact information
  • Outbound calling campaigns to help students avoid default
  • Grace counseling
  • Live chat available during hours of operation
  • One-on-one delinquency counseling
  • Targeted and timely email and letter campaigns
  • Repayment resources website provides information in simple, everyday language

Monitoring and reporting tools

The LoanTracker dashboard provides transparency for schools to monitor the effectiveness of our default prevention activities.

  • Intuitive and innovative
  • Predictive modeling and delinquency staging targets the most at-risk borrowers
  • Graphical summaries that highlight trends
  • Schools generate reports when they need them: real-time and on-demand
  • Executive summary reports
  • Automated Incorrect Data Challenge (IDC) identification

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LoanTracker SaaS

Industry-leading default prevention software. Read more >

Our proprietary software, LoanTracker, is a comprehensive platform designed for school-based default prevention.

About the software:

  • A software-as-a-service (SaaS) product: web-based, intuitive and easy to deploy
  • Advanced analytics project cohort default rates using real-time data and official formulas from the U.S. Department of Education
  • A secure repository of information for each cohort translates student loan and borrower data from all sources into a single record
  • Update and track borrower information and data, loan status and default prevention activity in real time
  • View and manage cohort by year and school campus
  • Set cure goals to manage cure rate
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with click-and-view functionality
  • Automated Incorrect Data Challenge (IDC) identifies data anomalies
  • Mail-merge functionality to support mass letter or email campaigns
  • In-depth reports when schools need them–real-time, on-demand, and in multiple formats—PDF, Excel or comma-separated value (CSV)
  • Multiple options to work accounts: manually, through assigned workgroups, or by utilizing the dialer system integration
  • Comprehensive training and materials are provided

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