We don't just provide free curricula; we offer you free training on it too!


Thousands of educators and community organizations have learned engaging, innovative ways to put our curricula to work in our free, half-day workshops.

Workshop's include:

  • Highly interactive training environment
  • Innovative applications for curricula implementation
  • Experiential, game-based techniques for teaching fundamentals
  • Facilitation by professional trainers

You will learn:

  • How to challenge your students to see themselves in college
  • Eye-opening information about the economic value of college
  • Simple, relatable ways to explain financial aid and budgeting to your students
  • How to incorporate our curricula into existing programs?

ECMC is pleased to provide our nationally recognized curricula and facilitated workshops that increase student success in higher education free, at no cost to participants or the students you serve.

Upcoming workshops

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