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Student Loan Basics

With the Right Planning, You Can Successfully Pay Back Your Loan(s)

We offer tools and information to help you manage student loan payments.

  • Understand Your Loan(s)

    You need to know about different loan types, who your servicer(s) is and what is expected of you. We can help you understand what having a student loan really means.

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  • When to Start Paying

    You can start paying anytime, even while you're in school. But once your grace period ends, you must start paying. We have all the details on getting ready to make that first payment.

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  • Repayment Options

    There's more than one way to pay back your student loan(s). We can help you navigate your repayment options so you can create a smart plan for repaying your student loan(s).

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  • Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation

    Working in public service—whether teaching at an underserved school or joining the U.S. Military—may forgive some of what you owe. And in some cases, such as fraud, federal student loans can be canceled completely.

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  • Budgeting Strategies

    With a realistic budget and a smart repayment strategy, you can stay in control of your student loan payments from day one.

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  • Working with Student Loan Servicers

    Your servicer(s) is there to help, but it's good to be prepared when you call. We can help you sort through the details so you can ask the right questions.

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