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Understand Bankruptcy

Student Loans Are Unlike Most Other Debts

They are not automatically discharged unless the bankruptcy court finds an undue hardship in a separate adversary proceeding. Find out how your student loan(s) is impacted by bankruptcy.

  • Bankruptcy and Student Loans

    Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. Before you file, you should understand how bankruptcy will impact your student loan(s).

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  • During Bankruptcy

    While you’re in bankruptcy, you aren’t required to make direct regular monthly payments on your student loan(s) unless your bankruptcy plan provides for direct payment outside of your Chapter 13 plan. Your student loan creditors may be scheduled to receive a distribution from your Chapter 13 trustee. Regardless, interest on the student loan(s) continues to accrue.

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  • After Bankruptcy

    If you have an outstanding student loan(s), once you’re out of bankruptcy, it may be time to start paying it back. But who owns your loan(s)? And how much do you owe? We can help you navigate the post-bankruptcy complexities.

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