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Outreach and Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Resources Available at No Cost

Download the FAB Gab newsletter and our Financial Awareness Basics for you and your students. We can create and host webinars for your students, and create a custom program and train your staff.

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  • FAB Gab

    FAB Gab is the ECMC Outreach and Financial Literacy newsletter, which is emailed quarterly to financial aid administrators across the country.

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    If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, send us an email at

  • Opportunities Guide and Workbook

    The Opportunities booklet helps high school students choose the right college, understand admission requirements, identify types of financial aid and more.

    Order or Download Opportunities Booklets

  • ECMC's Financial Awareness Basics | FAB

    Our latest offering in financial literacy—Financial Awareness Basics—was designed to help students make informed decisions about their financial future. Materials cover a variety of topics.

    ECMC’s Financial Awareness Basics | FAB

  • FAB Life Game

    The FAB Life game is a financial literacy simulation intended to teach students basic financial education concepts in an interactive way. Students are given life scenarios including occupations, income and family status. Students are then tasked with budgeting for life's necessities including housing, transportation, food, clothing, child care and more at stations set up around the room. Wild cards, like car repairs and unexpected health issues, add to the realistic aspect of planning for everyday life. Students complete the game by staying within their assigned budgets. Volunteers help bring it all together by recapping the highlights. Students are inspired with an appreciation for the true costs of life.

    Order Fab Life Game

    Digital FAB Life Game

  • College Admissions Race Game

    The ECMC College Place College Admissions Race is an engaging and fun game that walks students through a mock college admissions committee review process. Students will learn that the holistic admissions process considers criteria beyond grade point average (GPA) and college entrance exam scores, including rigor of academic program, personal qualities, extracurricular involvement and quality of application materials.

    College Admissions Race Game
    Juego De Carreras De Admisión a La Universidad

  • Create a Custom Program for Your Students

    We can help you create a custom program and train your staff. We can even create online financial literacy seminars for your students, absolutely free. Contact one of our Outreach and Financial Literacy team members to discuss how to deliver timely financial education to your students.

    Paula Craw
    Vice President
    Tom Bailey
    Outreach Manager
    Brenda McCafferty
    Outreach Manager
  • Peer-to-Peer Program Guide

    One of the main reasons students drop out of college is for financial reasons, which includes not having enough money to pay for school, mismanagement of money or a hesitation to take on student loan debt. Peer mentoring is a way for students to educate other students about making smart money choices. This guide will help you develop each phase of a peer mentoring program, including the creation of your program's mission and vision.

    Peer-to-Peer Program Guide

  • Planning a Financial Wellness Event Guide

    The Planning a Financial Wellness Event guide is a step-by-step guide to planning an event on your campus. This resource includes information and best practices to help at every step of the way, plus ways to build cross-campus buy-in and community support.

    Planning a Financial Wellness Event Guide