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The Right Formula for Student Success

ECMC Solutions Mission and Values

A nonprofit organization, Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) has been providing high-quality services to higher education institutions and students for nearly three decades. Our mission is to help students succeed.

True student success involves an integrated effort of education, process, delivery mechanisms and support. ECMC Solutions brings these components together for the benefit of the students and offers ongoing support throughout the entire higher education experience. Integrated into the fabric of our culture and guiding all that we do is our values.

ECMC Solutions provides services and support to administrators and students. We conduct education, outreach and counseling for Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and Direct Loan borrowers throughout repayment; support state and national organizations; and create innovative tools such as our LoanTracker software as a service (SaaS).

A Unique Journey.
Student success is built throughout the entire student lifecycle. Everyone’s journey is unique. ECMC Solutions recognizes this and offers an opportunity to engage students and borrowers several different times:

  • College access and preparation
  • Enrollment
  • Paying for college and managing money
  • Career planning, program selection and outcomes
  • Student loan repayment, delinquencies, default prevention and support

A Unique Approach.
Offering innovative tools, analytics and services, ECMC Solutions helps you be more effective.

  • Financial Literacy

    ECMC Solutions understands that financial literacy provides valuable information for financial decision making while in school and beyond. We offer multiple opportunities to educate students, faculty, staff and alumni, including personalized counseling and online services.

    ECMC Learning Platform
    There is a clear trend of declining financial literacy, according to a study by FINRA Investor Education Foundation. On average, young Americans could not answer a number of financial literacy questions. Expanding students’ money management IQ with relevant coursework and real-time feedback is the focus of our online financial literacy platform. It offers easy-to-access resources, including U.S. Department of Education-compliant entrance and exit counseling. Contact us for demo access to the platform.
    ECMC Learning Platform

    ECMC Financial Awareness Basics (FAB)
    Best practices for financial education should include preparing students for all financial obligations upon graduation. In addition to student loans, 23% of borrowers with outstanding educational debt also have a credit card balance. ECMC’s online, downloadable money management tools offer everything from student loan and banking and credit basics to personal finance management. Visit FAB for college and life.
    ECMC Financial Awareness Basics

  • Debt Perceptor

    The interactive Debt Perceptor tool is a SaaS platform that displays the cause and effect of borrowing decisions, including loan/debt impact and the value of grants, scholarships and out-of-pocket contributions. Used as a counseling tool, it creates personalized comparisons of potential debt and average starting salaries related to students’ programs and encourages smart budgeting and program selection decisions.

  • Debt Summary Review

    There are currently 6.4 million federal loan borrowers in school. Surveys suggest that a significant share of undergraduates do not understand how much they are paying for college, or how much they are borrowing to do so. Through our Debt Summary Letter, ECMC Solutions provides personalized loan information, encouraging smart borrowing and decision making.
    Borrow $mart Debt Summary Letter

  • Grace Counseling

    The number of federal student loan borrowers in their grace period exceeds 1.2 million. More than 60% report misunderstanding their student loan obligation*. ECMC Solutions reaches out to borrowers during their grace period to educate early and promote timely action and repayment success. *Mishory, Jen and Rory O'Sullivan, "The Student Perspective on Federal Financial Aid Reform." A white paper by Young Invincibles.
    Grace Counseling

  • Delinquency Counseling

    If a loan continues to be delinquent, it may go into default. About a quarter of all borrowers default within five years of entering repayment—more than 1 million a year. ECMC Solutions engages students with comprehensive outreach, including skip tracing to help get borrowers back on track. Our predictive modeling and cohort analysis create a program of sustainable success, resulting in increased repayment rates and lower cohort default rates.
    Default Prevention
  • LoanTracker®

    A key measure of an institution's value to its students is whether or not those students are able to pay down the debt accumulated to finance their education. Traditionally, the federal government has measured this using cohort default rates (CDR), which captures the percentage of students who default on their loans within three years of leaving school.

    We understand the CDR is an imperfect measure. In fact, we are the first and only organization to re-create the Repayment Rate as defined by the College Scorecard. Our proprietary LoanTracker platform analyzes and tracks repayment and forbearance usage, information you can use to help students make progress on their educational debt. Contact us to see a demonstration or learn more.

  • Program Evaluator

    More than half (53%) of the students who have taken on student loan debt do not feel it was worth it. ECMC Solutions Program Evaluator connects programs of study with student repayment data. It can demonstrate repayment success by program, validating outcomes and offering career services support to students. Our complex analytics transform your data from passive to impactful. Contact us to see a demonstration or learn more.
    Program Evaluator