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ECMC Group Names Dan Fisher President of ECMC


ECMC Group has announced that Dan Fisher will become president of Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) on July 1, 2020. The role is currently held by Jan Hines, who is retiring after more than 25 years with the organization.

"We are grateful to Jan for her exceptional leadership and guidance, which has been instrumental in advancing our organization over the last quarter century," said Jeremy Wheaton, president and CEO of ECMC Group. "Looking forward, Dan brings a wealth of expertise in the space as well as institutional knowledge that will prove invaluable as we work to further establish ECMC as a postsecondary education leader."

Fisher, who has been with the organization for 19 years, currently serves as general counsel for ECMC Group—a role he has held for nine years. He also serves as corporate secretary and will maintain those positions in addition to serving as ECMC president.

"Jan's tireless efforts to help students have been hallmarks of her tenure," Fisher said. "I look forward to carrying on her legacy of providing stellar products and services to our many borrowers, partners and clients while helping students succeed."

Hines will direct guarantor operations over the next nine months and provide post-transition consulting and support after July 1.

ECMC Group is the parent company of ECMC, a student loan guaranty agency that provides support for the administration of the Federal Family Education Loan Program. The nonprofit is the designated guarantor for seven states and the third-party guarantor servicer for six clients. ECMC also provides financial literacy programs and oversees student loan repayments.