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ECMC Group Responds to the Death of George Floyd


We are heartbroken and frustrated over the senseless death of George Floyd in our home city of Minneapolis. Our hearts go out to Mr. Floyd's family and friends. He never should have lost his life at the hands of the very police charged with serving and protecting all citizens. It pains us to see the city we love—and so many others—in distress, yet we know that we cannot look away—that it is incumbent on all of us to speak up about systemic injustice and take action to eliminate it.

As an organization, we believe every person should have the opportunity to live and to thrive—free from prejudice and violence. We know that this moment demands we look inward and renew our commitment to helping African Americans and other underserved populations reach their full potential, and we intend to play a more active role in meeting this challenge head-on.

We also know that it is important right now to listen to those in the community with more experience in addressing all of the issues that combine to reinforce racism and systemic injustice in all its forms. Over the past several days, we have reached out to our employees and community partners and began a dialogue about how we can be a resource in this moment and deepen our engagement in the fight against racism and injustice in the neighborhoods where we live, work and serve, as well as aid in the recovery of those damaged by unrest. To this end, ECMC Foundation has dedicated an initial $1.25 million to be put to work here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, as well as the broader communities we serve around the country.

We are heartened by the growing number of organizations and individuals making commitments to ensure this change occurs. There is strength in numbers and there is power in the widespread resolution we are seeing to transform our country into a more just nation. This work will not be easy but it is work we must do if we are going to build a better Twin Cities, a better country and a better world. It is work to which ECMC Group is committed.