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ECMC Launches Free Digital Guide and Workbook for California Students Planning for Education Beyond High School

ECMC’s Opportunities guide and workbook provides state-specific information and resources to help students and families navigate the path to and through postsecondary education


BERKELEY, Calif.Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC), a national nonprofit focused on student success, has launched a digital California-specific version of its Opportunities guide and workbook to help students and families as they plan for education after high school during what can be a complex and confusing time in college planning.

The free, downloadable workbook provides resources, exercises, checklists and practical tips that equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to select an educational path after high school. The resources cover subjects including financial aid and scholarships, definitions of common educational pathways, college entrance exams and admissions, and career exploration.

California-specific information includes:

  • California high school requirements: Credits needed for graduation and courses required for university admission.
  • College transfer options: Steps to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college in California.
  • State financial aid: Financial aid applications, grants and scholarships and saving for college.
  • State resources: California college directory, in-person assistance and online help contacts.

The California Opportunities guide and workbook is available to download at In addition, ECMC offers a variety of other free downloadable student and educator resources at

ECMC also operates a free college access center located in Berkeley, California. The College Place-Northern California provides one-on-one help and workshops for students and families throughout the state—email for more information.

“At a time when many students lack resources and an understanding of education options, we are committed to providing accessible, comprehensive resources that support students no matter what path they choose,” said Paula Craw, vice president of outreach and financial literacy at ECMC.